Reasons for doing the 21 day sugar detox


Primal Toad has a great list of reasons for doing the 21 dsd and making a list is his #4 tip of how to complete the 21 days with ease. So here is my list, I doubt I can come up with 21 reasons.

1. I keep trying to stick to a sugar and wheat free diet but slip up, especially when tired and stressed. I’m sure the sugar then makes me more tired and stressed. Vicious circle, which I’d really like to be able to break. My Mister Donut habit (see yesterday’s post), is just annoying me now, half the time I don’t even want their sugar laden, sticky, gooey donuts, I just find myself drawn in to get my temporary sugar high.

2. When I stick to this diet for more than a few days the weight displayed on my scales starts to fall, only…

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Candidate Moves

Five Minutes with Ergonjon

It has been estimated that there are more positions in chess than there are atoms in our solar system. However, at any given time a player is only allowed to make a single move. A single move to enable them to navigate the minefield of complexity in front of them. How does a chess player do this? What implications can this have for design?

When scouring the 64 squares in front of them a chess player is not evaluating every possible move available to them, this would be insane. Instead, good chess players rely upon the principle of candidate moves.

Candidate moves are a collection of moves (usually around 3 or 4) that the chess player has determined to have a suitable level of merit to require a further focus of their attention.

In his excellent book “How to choose a chess move”, Andrew Soltis notes that…

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14 Unusual Computer Mouse Designs


14 Unusual Computer Mouse Designs

Creative and unusual computer mouse designs from all over the world.


Inflatable Computer Mouse

If you do not have space in your notebook bag for a regular mouse, this is the one to consider. [link]

Inflatable Computer Mouse

Inflatable Mouse

Egg Computer Mouse

Elecom’s Egg computer mouse features beautiful design and comes in a variety of colors that would make even the Easter Bunny proud. [link]

Egg Computer Mouse

Zero Computer Mouse

Beautiful computer mouse concept by Oliver Rosito combines state of the art design with lightweight materials. [link]

Zero Computer Mouse

NES Controller Computer Mouse

NES-inspired computer mouse. Only a concept at this time. [link]

NES Controller Computer Mouse

Washable Computer Mouse

Belkin’s water-resistant computer mouse can survive spills and can be hand-washed under the faucet. [link]

Washable Computer Mouse

Mus2 Computer Mouse

Mus2 cordless optical two-button mouse not only controls the cursor on the screen, but looks like one, too. [link]

Mus2 Computer Mouse

Body Computer…

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Food Scoop

It’s not a bird or a plane, and it’s definitely not an ordinary label on a fruit–it’s Fruitwash Label Man! A new item is pending to hit the market with gusto–vanishing washable fruit labels. “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive”, the creator Scott Amron, found a futuristic way to pump power and function to these undesirable hard-to-peel produce stickers. Only when washed with water does this super label reveal its metaphorical ‘F’ emblem and transform into ‘fruit soap’, fighting off villains such as wax, dirt, bacteria, and pesticides. Like Clark Kent, it is able to resume its civilian identity and successfully perform its normal duties as a regular price code marker. In addition, it is food safe, water resistant, and can be easily removed. Sure, it may not be able to save the day like the iconic Kal-El can, but it will save you the hassle of buying expensive fruit and vegetable cleaner.

Meanwhile, in an alternate vegetable universe, a newly enhanced, equally powerful hero is born, taking on an alter ego called Benforte Broccoli! Through conventional methods of breeding, scientists in the United Kingdom have boosted the potency of the multi-nutritious broccoli in its fight for the good health of all mankind. These cabbage powerhouses possess two to three times the sustenance level than an average broccoli; its key beneficial chemical, phytonutrient glucoraphanin, has been linked to boost the levels of antioxidant enzymes in the body to go head to head in the battle of reducing heart disease and various forms of cancer. The British-grown Beneforte Broccoli are currently fighting for health on the shelves of selective markets in the UK, further news of their storewide availability will not be accessible until the summer of 2012. Although we civilians in the States have only heard the tales of the Beneforte Broccoli, it is still a hero to many, saving the day, one bite at a time.